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Starting a new project? We offer a wide range of services to help you progress your next project. Submit your details to request a call back.

Getting started

We are happy to arrange a meeting and discuss your project, we make no charge for our initial consultation and you are under no obligation to appoint us.

After this meeting we then consider the elements required for formulating a planning application and submit a fee quote for your consideration.


Once appointed

Once appointed, we would carry out a measured survey of your property and from this we draw scaled plans of your property.

Working with the existing plans we then draw the proposed plans and with these initial draft plans we would meet to discuss the proposals. It is often a choice of clients to opt for 3D drawings, which give a better realisation of the proposed scheme, be it a new extension or new build.

Planning Application

Once the drawings have been agreed we then look at other factors that need to be completed for your planning application, for example an ecological survey may be required due to your geographical location. Having completed the requirements for the planning application, we then submit your application to the Local Planning Authority. It should be noted that depending on the nature of the application, it may decided that a pre-application meeting may be beneficial and this can influence your proposed design or sze of your project.


Post submission of your Planning Application

During the planning process, we will act as your agent with the Local Planning Authority and liaise with them on your behalf and we will notify you of the decision date for your application.

On achieving your grant of planning permission we are happpy to then produce your working drawings in compliance with Building Regulations and from these your chosen building contractors can give you an accurate cost for the proposed works.

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